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F: [abbreviation ] female. This abbreviation is used in the classified ads.

F2M: transsexual a person, who is preparing to undergo or has undergone female to male sexual reassignment surgery.Synonyms. FTM

F-word: [1960s] for the word Fuck. use by some one that funds the word fuck to be offensive [I do not use the F-word] see fuck.

face: [fm. polari slang, Br. merchant marine] very attractive features

FACE ARTIST (n.): A fellator. (Slang.)

face cream: Semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm. See come or semen of Synonyms.

face fucker: 1. a very attractive young gay guy who uses his looks for his own advantages. seeking physical relations with men, for money, or a place to live. 2. attractive, young man or boy, use by the police to entrap gay men into performing an act sex in a public. Synonyms fairy hawk 3. the one that have the sex act fellatio performed on. [I am a face fucker, so come and suck my dick.] Synonyms: fellatio

facultative homosexuality: a heterosexual man in prison may display homosexual leanings, and have sexual desire and act on them, by seeking physical relations with men in prison, from which he will happily turn to a heterosexual life, when he is freed from prison. [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

fade: a black person who prefers white friends and sex partners.

FAG (n.): A male homosexual. (A contraction of faggot.) Commonly used as a term of contempt by heterosexuals-; only used by homosexuals derogatorily.

fagateeny: 1. [80s] homosexual. 2. a teenage homosexual.

fag bag: a woman married to a homosexual.

faggot: 1.[From the Latin word meaning bundle of sticks] A male homosexual.a term applied to gays during the Inquisition when they were burned along with witches. The first record use of the word faggot in the USA was, in reference to homosexuals, was 1914 in a vocabulary of criminal slang published in Portland Oregon. 2. a derogatory and insensitive term for gay men. 3. Gay men sometimes use it affectionately with each other.

FAGGOT'S LUNCH BOX (n.): Athletic supporter.

FAGGOT PRINCESS: One that acts like a stereotypical effeminate gay person. Example: A person that spends 10 seconds saying helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo when picking up the phone or always using a wrist-drop move.

faggotry: A male homosexual.

faggoty: A male homosexual.

faggy: the stereotype effeminate homosexual. [you look faggy tonight.]

FAG-HAG (n.): A non homosexual female who likes consorting with homosexuals. Syn.: Queen bee, Fruit fly.

Fagin: 1. [fr Charles Dicken's character Fagin in Oliver Twist] man who teaches boys how to be dishonest 2. man who teaches boys how to make a profession out of prostitution. 3. chicken freak: one with a sexual need for young men 4. chicken hawk; Paedophile one with a sexual attraction, and need for young boy, under the age of consent.
5. a man that runs a chicken-house; club or coffeehouse catering to young homosexual, too young for taverns.

fag stag: [recently coined term] heterosexual male who enjoys the company of homosexual males..

fairies: a group of effeminate homosexual.

FAIRY (n.): The male homosexual, as seen by the heterosexual. However, the term is becoming less used. Seldom used in homosexual language, but when so it is a slang term synonymous with FAGGOT (q.v.). 2. noun. [early 1900s] effeminate homosexual.
3. noun.. An effeminate person.

fairy godmother: A male tutor and initiator.

Fairy Go Round: a cruising area (in a car) where people just keep going around and around... Synonyms. Fruit Loop [Submitted Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 From: "Terry M. Weatherford, Jr."]

fairy hawk: 1. attractive, young man or boy, use by the police to entrap gay men into performing an act sex in a public. 2. attractive, young man or boy, use by the criminal element to entrap gay men into performing an act of sex to blackmail them. 3 attractive, young man or boy, use by the gay bashers to trap gay men so they could beat them up.

fairy lady: 1. A lesbian who takes a passive role in sex. half-and-half: 2.bisexual. 3. sexually interested in both men and women. Synonyms. AC-DC ambibextrious; non-gender specific 4. a homosexual who is able to fuck or be fucked. 5. Fellatio plus in anal intercourse.

fairy's [fairies]: 1. a group of effeminate homosexual. 2. a group of effeminate homosexual imaginary being, the gay fairies.

fall for: [early 1900s] to become a lover of. [I do not know why I had to fall for you.]

family: [early 1980s] Gay or Lesbian, often use to refer to people who are also gay. ["He's family," meaning he is gay.]

FAMILY JEWELS, THE (n.): The testicles.

FAN (v.): To stroll about with the purpose of being noticed.

fanny: [1920s] The buttocks, ass

FANNY BELLHOP (n.): A homosexual employed in a hotel, usually as a bellboy.

fart: 1. verb. [1250s Standard English slang from 1800's] to expel flatulence gas throught the anus. 2.noun. the flatulence gas throught the anus. 3. a man. [he is an old fart.] 4. An unpleasant person.

fart around: to spend time doing innocuous things or nothing at all

fat-ass: 1. a fat person 2. a person with large buttocks. Synonyms: buffalobutt

fatherfucker: a relationship where one person prefers a love partner much older than himself. Synonyms: cherry top; intergenerational relationships

FAUNET (or FAUNLET) (n.): Sexy young adolescent or almost-adolescent boy; male equivalent of nymphet.

faunlet: teenager, boyish, adolescent juvenile, young-looking, youthful, preadolescent boy regarded as a sexual object for an homosexual. Synonyms: chicken; faunet.

fay: 1. a white person. 2. Homosexual

Faye-hole \fai-'hol\ n: 1. A severe obsession with all things related to Faye Dunaway; 2. A state in which the specter of Joan Crawford (via Mommie Dearest) has manifested itself in your psyche, creating an abnormal hatred of wire hangers; 3. Any orifice on the body of a person named Faye.

feathers: body hair.

featherless: smooth hairless body.

feathery: hairy.

feed: to have sex or want to have sex with someone.

FEEL (v.): To fondle another person's genitals, etc. Also: to FEEL UP; can include breasts, thighs, buttocks, etc. (n.): TO GRAB A (FREE) FEEL or TO COP A FEEL is very widely used.

feelie: child. This is an example of the polari underground gay language used in the British Merchant Marine.

feel up: To sexually grope, to touch or handle the buttocks legs or crotch; to fondle another person's clothed genitals. Synonyms: cop a feel; eat with the hands; feel; feel up; fist it; give somebody a grope; grope; honk; read braille; reef; take somebody's pulse.

feet: [Bible] is a euphemism for the male genitals.

fegelah: [Yiddish] a male homosexual.

felch: [ British] verb. To suck or lick one's recently deposited semen from the rectum.

fellatio: technical term for cocksucking. Synonyms: artiste; bilingual; bob on the knob; BJ; blow job; blow the whistle; blue jay; brush teeth; brush the teeth; cath it; chew; chew it; cop a bird; cop a cock; cop a doodle; cop a hot one; cop a joint; cuff a carrot cocksucker; CS; do; dicklick; down; drop on it; eat; eat it all up; face cream; face pussy; faire; facial; fast food sex; fix somebody up; flute FR; french; French arts; French job; French love; French way; french dressing; gaelick; gam; get a facial; getit off; get punked in the head; get punked in the mouth; give head; give pearls; give us a gam!; glory hole; gobble; gobgobbler; gobjob; go down for whomp; go down on it; grab a hot one; gum; gunch; have some cream sauce; he-blow; head job; hide the sauce; hum a tune; hum a tune on the flute; hide to sauce; inhale the oyster; iron jaws; job; kiss it; kneel at the alter; knob job; knock somebody off; kowtow chow; lay the lip; lick; lip service; Lucky pierre; mamar; maneater; mouth job; perform; petereater; picnic up on it; pipe; plate somebody; play a tune; play bugle boy; play musical arrangements; play the flute; play the horn; play the organ; play the skin flute; polish the knob; puff one some tubing; popsicle; prickick; pricknic; pull some peepee; quickie; raw jaws; root; rough trade; scarf; scorf up on a bod; scort up on a bod; senoreater; service; servive station; sit on a face; shore dinner; shot upstairs; sixty-nine; skin flute; skull job; skull pussy; snow job; speak Loe Genitalese; stool pigeon; stoop for; suck; suck a bondini; sucked dry; sucked off; swallow a sword; swing on it; swing on some flivver; take it in the mouth take somebody on; tearoom queen; tearoom trade; teenie weenie; tongue job; trade; trick; wean; whistle; whomp down on it; woof up on it; woof wring it dry; worship at the altar; wring it dry; yummy down on it; yummy up on it; zipper sex.

FELLATION (n.): Acceptance of the penis of another person into the mouth and licking and sucking it, thus exciting it (and the subject) by oral friction to produce ejaculation in the subject, whose semen is either swallowed or expectorated. (v.): FELLATE. The act of fellation. (n.): FELLATOR. One who fellates.

FELLATRICE (or FELLATRIX) (n.): A woman who fellates.
Note:Not -unlike the word "actor" which now applies to both sexes, fellator is also applicable now to both sexes.

fem: 1. A lesbian who takees a passive, role in sex 2. An effeminate homosexual male.

female breasts: Synonyms: barbettes; bazooms; boob boobie; boobs; jubes; knockers; maracas; melons; memories; milk cans; milk wagons; piggies.

FEMME (n.): (1) A female homosexual playing the female-assigned role in a lesbian couple. (2) A male homosexual, usually effeminate in appearance and character and sex role; it has somewhat similar meaning to FAGGOT or FAIRY (q.v.) but without the strong derogatory side meanings.

FENCE, TO BE ON THE (v.): To be undecided as to whether one should forsake heterosexuality for homosexuality (or vice versa).

fesse: synonym for ass

fetish: refers to the inordinate or pathological fascination a person may have for particular form of sexual stimulation.
acrotomophilia; adolescentilism; andromimetophilia; apotemnophilia; asphyxiophilia; autagonistophilia;
autassassinophilia; autonepiophilia; biastophilia; catheterophila;
chrematistophilia; coprophagia; coprophilia; creptophilia;
ephebophilia; erotophonophilia; formicophilia; gerontophilia;
gynemimetophilia; homoerotiphobia; hybristophilia; hyphephilia;
hypoxphilia; infantilism; kleptophilia; klismaphilia; mixophilia;
morphophilia; mysophilia; narratophilia; necrophilia; nepiophilia;
olfactophilia; pictohilia; raptophilia; scoptophilia; somnophilia;
stigmatophilia; symphorphilia; telephonicophilia; urophilia; zoophilia.

FETISHISM (n.): Receiving sexual pleasure through the sight or the touch of some article belonging to the sexual object, or one special part of the sexual object itself.

feygelah: a male homosexual.

FIFTH WHEEL (n.): A heterosexual in a homosexual group or gathering.

FIFTY-FIFTY (adj.):To alternate between fellation and pedication; it is separate and distinct from SIXTY-NINE (q.v.). Usually means, "I'll fuck you first; then do you."

fingerfuck: to insert a finger into the ass.

finger: 1.verb. To sexually stimulate with the fingers, rectum.
2 noun. A measure of alcohol, usually spirits. Based on the thickness of a finger. 3. The gesture of pointing one's middle finger upwards as an insult. meaning fuck off, get fucked or fuck you.

finger-fuck: verb. To sexually stimulate with the fingers, either the vagina or rectum.

fingerhoot: an under average size dick, 3-4 inches in length.

FISH (n.): Generic term for women (or the vulva); its origin being the association of the somewhat "fishy" odor of the female genitalia.

Fish and Chips Gay term the wife and kids of a male lover.[Late 1990's]

fish bashing: gay men going out looking for gay bashers to bash [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

fish dinner: slang term for cunnilingus Synonyms: muff diving, licking the beaver

fishing: cruise: 1. is search for sex. 2. to make a casual sexual approach. 3. to drive slowly in to streets, or walk about in bars, baths and parties lookig for a sex parter. Synonyms: cruise:

fishwife: The wife of a homosexual man.

fish for brown trout: synonym for anal intercourse

FISH QUEEN (n.): A male who practices cunnilinctus; also a male homosexual (or heterosexual) who does such.

fist fuck: verb .Anal intercourse, in which the hand is inserted into the partner's anus. After insertion in the partner's anus the hand is made into a fist and a thrusting motion is made. synonyms: Ano-manual Intercourse; Brachio-proctic Intercourse; brachiproctic eroticism; FFA; fisting; fistfucking; handballing

fist it: to touch or handle the buttocks legs or crotch; to fondle another person's erection in a public restroom.. Synonyms: cop a feel; eat with the hands; feel; feel up; fist it; give somebody a grope; grope; honk; read braille; reef; take somebody's pulse.

fisting: noun. Anal intercourse, in which the hand is inserted into the partner's anus. synonyms: Ano-manual Intercourse; Brachio-proctic Intercourse; FFA. fisting off: to masturbate.

fisting off: to masturbate. See masturbation

FITZGERALD, EDWARD, English poet. He owned a boat with a young fisherman named Joseph Fletcher, whom he called "Posh."

five-fingered Annie: [late '60s] to masturbate.

five-knuckle chuckle: [High School slang, '90s] masturbation. Probably derived from the rock band by the same name. Five Knuckle Chuckle

five-minute shack up: [ mid 60s] quick sexual act with little or no tenderness, a rushed act of sex.[five-minute shack up, is not like the one night stand, the five minutes shack up, is usually over within a hour, or two. Where the one night stand made go all night.] see one night stand or quickie for synonyms.

five minute's worth: 1. Quick act of sex, with little or no tenderness. rushed sex. 2. a quick and cheap liaison with a prostitute

FLAG (v.): A gesture or signal with the hands, eyes, head to a stranger to get him to speak; a first step in a "pickup."

FLAGELLATION (n.): Receiving sexual gratification through being whipped.

flame: 1. [1600s] beloved; a sweetheart. 2. An effeminate homosexual male, that flaunts, effeminate traits. 3. Verb. To verbally attack someone via an e-mail.

flamer: An homosexual male.

flaming: 1. flaunting, effeminate traits. flash in the pen: quick sexual act with little or no tenderness, a ruched act of sex. see one night stand or quickie for synonyms. 2. one that come to quickly, a quick orgasm.

FLAMING QUEEN (n.): The homosexual male who uses cosmetics, hair sets, flamboyant clothes and, in general, displays feminism at all times to emphasize his homosexuality.

flange: to walk along. This is an example of the polari underground gay language used in the British Merchant Marine.

flash in the pan: 1.quick sexual act with little or no tenderness; a rushed act of sex. See one night stand or quickie that cums too quickly; a quick orgasm

flatbacker: 1. A prostitute. 2. Anal intercourse, in which the one that is getting fucked, on his back with he feet, up over the back of the man doing the fucking.

flat tire: a flat ass. Synonyms: cracker ass; western patio

flawless: [early 70s]handsome.

fleabag: [kwn Mid-and Southwest late 60s fr prose sl] an old whore

flea bagger: an elderly male homosexual.

fleadum: [kwn LV, late 60s] an elderly male homosexual. fleet bagger: an elderly male homosexual.

fleet bagger: an elderly male homosexual.

flesh factory: gay Turkish baths, where sex, orgy-style is more popular then the baths. Synonyms: baths; church; den; den of sin; hygiene hall; skin room; the tubs; whorehouse.

flesh-peddler: 1. a prostitute. 2. a pimp.

flick: [1920s] a movie; hard-core porno.

flip and dick: [prison slang] to forcibly ass fuck another inmate. ["I bet I can flip you and dick you before you can throw me and blow me."]

flip and fuck: [prison slang] to forcibly ass fuck another inmate. ["I bet I can flip you and fuck you before you can throw me and blow me."]

flip-collar fairy: 1. clergyman who enjoys fucking young boys who has never experienced the passive role in anal intercourse. 2. Paedophile clergyman one with a sexual attraction, and need for young boy, under the age of consent; with an eye for the altar boys.
3 a gay clergyman.

flip-flop: 1.bisexual 2. a homosexual who is able to fuck or be fucked. See bisexual for Synonyms.

flip side: ass

flinking: 1. [kwn LV, mid 60s] to date woman to prevent the suspicion of being homosexual. 2. a woman who dates a homosexual to prevent suspicion of his homosexuality, or to help him socially.

FLIT (n.): A homosexual; used at one time by college heterosexuals in New England, etc. Often used in The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. (Slang.)

flitty: An homosexual male; effeminate homosexual man.

FLOATER (n.): A male transient who prostitutes himself to homosexuals, some of whom will seek out only this type of trade so as to minimize the danger to themselves through gossip or exposure.

flog one's meat: to masturbate.

flogging the poodle: to masturbate. flong one's dong: to masturbate.

flong one's dong: to masturbate. See masturbation

floozy: unrestrained homosexual, uncontrollable desire by a man for sexual intercourse one that needs to have sex all the time. See whore for Synonyms.

flophouse: a cheap hotel or lodging houes; a small room rented by, the night by male prostitutes, to have sex with a clients. Synonyms bird cage; chinch pad;

flophouse foul line: the crevice between buttock cheeks. Synonyms: crease; crack; valley.


FLOSSY (adj.): An effeminate homosexual, as applied by the heterosexual. (Very rare.)

flow: 1. to be arouse sexually to the gratification, of having semen come from the penis. 2 to reach, or bring to a climax, orgasms.

flower: 1. [1950s] a homosexual who takes the female role in a gay relationship. 2. A female impersonator. Synonyms: drag queen

fluffer: a gay man who is responsible for keeping porno actors with stiff hardons during takes. The fluffer uses all his talents between shots to insure the best erections for filming

fluff the duff: synonym for anal intercourse

flute: 1. eighteeth-century expressions for penis. [Do you play the skin flute?] 2. A homosexual male. fluter: A homosexual male.

FLUTER (n.): A fellator, as used by heterosexuals. (Rare.)

FLUTTERER (n., obs.): An effeminate male homosexual; a short-lived
word invented by the press in the late 1930's or early 1940's.

flyer: 1. [60'] one that will do just about any drug he could lay his hands on. 2. one that need to use drug to have gay sex.

fogeagoge: [2000] fag in oge, a made up Street kid language. See faggot

fool around: 1. to have gay sex. [Do you fool around?] 2. to pass one's time idly.

foop: 1. to do homosexual sex acts. 2. [early 1900s Australian] effeminate male, or male homosexual.

fooper: A homosexual college students.

Foot Buddies: groups (usually organizations) of men with a foot fetish.

forbidden fruit: 1. any boy under the age of consent, whom having sex could be a possible stretch in prison. Synonyms: jail bait; jail house pussy 2 teenager, boyish, adolescent juvenile, young-looking, youthful. chicken. 3. [60s] homosexual infected with venereal disease.

FORESKIN (n.): The covering fold of skin over the penis which is on all males at birth; the prepuce.

forty-four: a prostitute.

forty-one: [state of Texas] A male homosexual.

forty-niner: [40s] in anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is fucked. See active partner for Synonyms.

four-eyes: a person who wears eyeglasses: fox: a beautiful sexually attractive man.

foxy: [40s] sexually desirable.

FR: to suck cock See blow job for Synonyms:

frame: a heterosexual men attractive to homosexuals.

FREAK (n.): A homosexual, as termed by a heterosexual.

freak trick: a customer of a prostitutes, who demands very exotic or brutal sexual activity, S&M, a customer who gets his kicks from brutally beating boys or girls.

FREDERICK THE GREAT: King of Prussia. In a letter warning his nephew against sodomy, he wrote: "I can assure you, from my own personal experience, that this Greek pleasure is not a pleasant one to cultivate."

freeload: verb.To be entertained, fed, or supported. To receive or take offered services and pleasures without reciprocation.[All he is looking for is to freeload off of you.]

freeloader: A person who freeloads.

FRENCH (or FRENCH IT) (v.): To fellate or cunnilingue, the French pretty much being given credit for originating such; usually a heterosexual term.

french kiss: [1920s] the act of kissing passionately, open mouthed kissing. Synonyms: deep kiss; mouth wrestling; pass secrets; throw the tongue; tongue wrestling; soul kiss; suck face; swap spit.

French letter: [middle 1800s] A condom. French postcard: A pornographic photograph.

Fresh: disrespectful; impudent; sexually bold.

fresh meat: 1. someone new to having sex, an inexperienced homosexual 2. virgin. 3. a newcomer 4. a stranger.

FRICATION (n.): A method of gratification practiced by a minority of male homosexuals (and female homosexuals, with certain modifications, and also heterosexuals) wherein pleasure and orgasm is experienced through fondling the body of another person through body contact and friction as well as mutual genital friction; or friction of the penis of the aggressive participant between the thighs or buttocks of the passive participant.

friend of Dorothy: noun. A euphemism for a homosexual. for gay icon Judy Garland, in the film The Wizard of Oz.
During the 1950s and 1960s drag queen, the Judy Garland imitator, with the singing of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Judy Garland was the most beloved icon of the gay culture of the time. It was uncannily symbolic that the Friday night of June 17, 1969 was the birth of the Gay and Lesbian leberation movement, with the Stonewall riots began, was also the day of the funeral of Judy Garland.

friends with benifits: a friends soneone that is not your lover, that you have a on going sexual relationship; that you only call on with you are look for sex. [Jimmy is just a friends with benifits, he is a good friend loves sex, but would not make a good lover.] Synonyms: fuck buddy:, booty call

frig: 1. verb[late 1600s] to masturbate. 2.[early 1900s] to do the sex act fuck.

frit: A male homosexual.

froot loops: 1.the rectal opening, anus; asshole. 2. a group of gay men.

Frottage: technical term for belly-fucking, the princeton rub.

FROTTEURS (n.): Those who are excited by rubbing against the genitalia of strange persons of either sex in the midst of crowds.

FRUIT (n.): Originally, a fellator; then the term expanded in its heterosexual use to mean any male homosexual; now failing into disuse.

FRUIT FLY (n.): Women who are seen in the company of homosexuals although they are not homosexual themselves.

fruit juice:
Semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm. See come or semen of Synonyms.

FRUIT PICKER (n.): Term used to describe men who both think of themselves as "straight" and who are so considered by those who know them, but who seek out homosexuals for sexual gratification at the moment.

FRUITSTAND (n.): A place where hustlers are likely to be found; originally referred to faggot hangouts, but the meaning has shifted from buyer to seller.

fruity: A male homosexual.

FTM: transsexual a person, who is preparing to undergo or has undergone female to male sexual reassignment surgery.Synonyms. F2M

FUCK (v.): To perform coitus with a male or female; to pedicate, or to irrumate.1.verb. [1200s] to do a sex act to or with someone.
2. [In the early 19th century naval commanders breviated "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" in their log books as FUCK.] An act of fornication.
3. to insert a penis into a mouth, or anus. 4. a person as a sex object.
5.noun. a sex partner. 6. anal intercourse, the penis or some other object, is inserted into the anus for intercourse. synonyms: anal intercourse; asshole buddies; back scuttle; bag; bake potatoes; ball; bang; behind; bend over; bend some ham; BF; bless; bonk; bore; bottom man; broaden outlook; brown; brownie quenn; buff; bugger; bum a load;butcher knife; butt-bang; butt-fuck; buttplug; catcher; charva; cheeks; clusterfuck; coat; coger; come in an ass; come in an asshole; cop an ass; cornhold; cornhole; corking; coucher; cupcakes; daisy chain; dick; dig a ditch; dig boy ass; do a brown; dork; dorkin; dot the "I"; drill; dry clean a rear; dry hump; dust; eye opener; flip side; flip one over; frig; fuck; fuck in up the ass; fuse together; get into some ass; get it up there where the air is rarefied; get one; glued to the ceiling goose go to press; greek; guy-fucking; helium legs; hershey highway; hit the round brown; hot buns; hotdogging hump jog up some buns; joog up some buns; jook up some buns; jug up some buns piece of ass; knock off a little; KY; lay; lay some pipe; lay the leg; lucky; made; make; make babies piggies; manhole; ninety-nine; open up the ass; oscarize; oso-oso; pack fudge; pack some mud; paint the bucket; part cheeks; paint; peaches; perve; pierre; pipe; pitch; pitcher; plank; play dump truck; play leap frog; plow; plug; pogue; poke; polk; pop it in to the toaster; pork; pound one's popo; powder cheeks; pull a boy onto the dick; pump; punk in the ass; push; put a hurtin' on an ass; put it to; queer a person; ram; rectify; ride; ride a bull; ride the deck; roger a bud ; roger a bum; roll over; rosquear; rump the cula; saddle it; screw; service; sexualize; shaft one in the bum; shtup; sixty-sixty-six; skewer a shish-kabob; snag; split some buns; spread apart; stir fudge; stir chocolate; surf; third way; sweektcakes; sweetcheeks; thread; top man; tom-fuck; trick; tunnel; V for Victory; vaseline; vegetable; versatile; visavis; wheel down; wild thing; work; yentz

fuckable: 1. one that is open for sexual consideration. 2. one that has no lover, and could be looking for a lover or relationship.

fuck-a-buck: 1. a prostitute relying on quick volume rather than high-priced clients 2. to have sex with a mountain-man type person

fuck boy: 1. prostitute 2. prison sexually oppressed constantly raped victim. fuck-flat: an apartment or other place where sex takes place quite often

fuck buddy: [1990s] soneone that is not a lover, that you have a on going sexual relationship; that you only call on with you are look for sex. Synonyms: booty call

fuck handles: [kwn NYC, late 1960s] The fleshy sides of the waist. Synonyms: bar handles; goodyear; love handles; spare tire.

fuck book: [60'] a pornographic magazine or book.

fucking: doing the sex act, anal intercourse, the penis or some other object, is inserted into the anus for intercourse. see synonyms anal intercourse or fuck. Syonoyms: dicking

fucking buddies: 1. two who are not lover but come together for sexual gratification. 2. two who are not lover but come together to go cruising for threesomes.

FUCK IN (or UP) THE ASS (v.): To pedicate.

FUCK IN THE MOUTH (or FACE) (v.): To irrumate.

fuck file: a pornographic movie. fuck in the ass: anal intercourse, the penis or some other object, is inserted into the anus for intercourse. see synonyms anal intercourse or fuck.

fuck like a bunny: 1. to come to soon 2. to fuck vigorously.

fuck money: 1. price of the baths 2. money saved to buy a boy prostitute.

fuck movies: a pornographic movie.

fuck pole: expressions for penis.

fuckstick: expressions for penis. fuck someone's brains out: to fuck busily and for a long time. [I took him home and fucked his brains out.]

fuck-thing: prostitute fuck up the ass: anal intercourse, the penis or some other object, is inserted into the anus for intercourse. see synonyms anal intercourse or fuck.

fudge: anal intercourse because of the fudge-like appearance of a "dirty fuck".

fudge-packer: 1. [midwest] homosexual 2. and gay man who preforms anal sex with another man.

funch v: to have wild and erotic sex on your lunch break from work: often occurring in the back seat of cars, bathrooms, private offices and janitor's closets.

FUNNYACTING (adj.): A euphemism for homosexual used by polite little old ladies when describing their effeminate nephews. Example: "Nothing's wrong with Percy. He's just funnyacting."

fur: pubic hair.

futy: to do the sex act fuck

FUZZ (n.): The police.

fuzznuts: a boy or young man with no pubic hair. [some boys stop being fuzznuts at 9 and some not till 23.]

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