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abu sayaf - (n) a corrupt practice; MISUSE;

aga muhlach - (adj) early; not late

aida macaraeg - (n) the MOST feared sexually transmitted disease

alma moreno - (n) the swelling of the “pink star”, which is most the time brought about by an excessive eating of

ana, anaconda, shhh, (n.) - a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

ansya, aning-aning, pransya, pringles, anita linda, lukresha kasilag - (adj) one who is somewhat suffering from a mental disorder.

anyfay monay tinafay kinadonafay, yesterday tomorrow and today, naman batman palaman superman - an expression of affirmation or agreement to a previous statement.

atak - (v) to go; to proceed

b.y, byola, gwash, super-keri - (adj) a very pleasant face to look at and mostly an object of one’s affection and fantasies.

balay, balaysung - (n) habitat; a place where one resides

bangladesh - (v) to deposit certain material as security for a loan

bebang, mayta, chimi, chimi-aa,chimini,chimini-aa -(n.) maid-servant, houshold helper

belles, siva - these are “twisters” that can be suffixed to any existing tagalog, english or gay word to mangle

bet, betsung, betsive, betchiwariwariwaps - (v) a special kind feeling when one is really inclined in liking a person, a thing, or anything.

botswana - (n) a type of shoes which usually extends up to the legs

bubistri of culture, bobita jones, bobita salonga, bobonika plague - (adj) one who uses more neurons to walk than to think

bukayong walang tamis - (v) to discover especially unexpectedly; getting caught off-guarded; finding out a secret.

cardiac - (v) an act to remove something or someone

carmi martin - (n) a powerful force that brings about reciprocal altruism among people.

carumba - (n) a four-wheeled vehicle (private)

chaka, chapter 10 verse 5, chapluk, chararat mr.disco - (adj) something not pleasant to the eyes

cheapangga, chipipay - (adj) cheap, low class, sub standard, social climber.

chenelyn, chenelynbhar, quemesbhar, chervalou - these are “fillers” that can be used in any sentence if one is not really sure of what word to use.

chipipay, chipangga, chipanggarutay - (adj) not expensive; mediocre; something that will definitely not struck awe and admiration

continent - (adj) few; less; not enough

counting words - 10 - TENTACLES

crayola - (v) to utter inarticulate sounds, esp. of lamentation, grief, or suffering, usually with tears

daks, dakila, dakota harizon plaza - (adj) reffers to something huge or exaggeratingly humongous in size

daot - (v) an act of spoiling the fun

dilemma - (adj) darkness; the absence of light

dookit - (v) an act wherein one can achieve nirvana, the manifestation of GAYHOOD.

douglas macarthur - (n) a vicious four-legged animal, unfriendly, hostile and extracts fear most of the time

echoz - an expression to note that what has been said is not true or only a joke

echozera - (adj) pathological lier; someone who enjoys making up stories for nothing

engga, enggaloid - (adj) one who is under the extreme influence of alcohol

enlababo kukuru-itaynes - (adj) a very fulfilling feeling that one encounters when a special someone comes into one’s life

familia zaragoza Ang MUDRA ang ilaw ng tahanan; ang FUDRA ang haligi ng tahanan; ang SISTERAKA ang shofatid

fonda, foundation day - (n) a concealed weapon which is the ultimate source of one’s powers.

forty-eight years - (adj) an expression used when something or someone is taking like forever to do or accomplish

france - (adj) a mentally deranged person

gelli de belen - a feeling of insecurity over someone; envy

genitalia - (adj) a very uncomfortable atmospheric state usually sustained with extremely high

gorah - (v) to go; to proceed

gripo - (n) a laceration to the skin brought about by a sharp object

hada, harbous - (v) an art that requires knowledge, skill and talent for one to acquire and to perfect

hawaii - Fifty

hipon - (adj) somebody who has a great body but a “not-so-great” face

iskuala lumpur/iskuwey/iskuwating - (adj/n) slums; squatter

jaguar - (n) a uniformed personnel whose job is to watch and protect a certain establishment

jiji - (n) lies; falsehood; fabricated stories

jun polistico - (n) a uniformed person who enforces the law

karir, karera - (v) the ultimate struggle to find a worthy partner, whether it is for the night or for life

kelvina, kelvinator, dabyana, chabelita - (n.) fat/Obese girl or female trying hard to be sexy but not.

keri - (adj) use to describe something/someone that is in the middle of being bad and being good;

korea - (adj) someone who is not generous; cheap.

kuda, spluk, talak, bera, chika - (v) to articulate; to give expression in words

lafang - (n) any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to

leptolelang, lapchukan - (v) an exchange of saliva, sometimes gruesome, sometimes sweet.

ligwak, luz valdez - (v) to be unsuccessful in a certain endeavor

mabyonda/ ganders/ gandara - (adj) Someone/something whose appearance is pleasant to the eyes.

magkape ka - an expression given to someone who is apparently overconfident and self-assured

mahaba ang heraton - an expression given to someone who’s apparently successful in a certain endeavor

maida, shutol, aleli - (n) a help; paid housekeeper; a servant

malaysia - (adj) being unaware of something

mangga - (adj) as an adjective; a “user-friendly”, a “parasite”, someone who gets more than what he gives

mara-mara - (adj) one who is tightfisted; not generous and uncharitable

matudnila - (adj) One whose hobby is to collect things that don’t belong to him/her.

mimi, mimiganju - (v) an act of feeling more special

mongolia - (adj) slow or limited in intellectual, emotional or academic development

morayta - (adj) costing very little; relatively low in price; inexpensive

narcisa - (n) A person educated and trained to care for the sick or disabled

nega/ paranoia river - (adj) Exhibiting or characterized by extreme and irrational fear or distrust of others

nomu, berang, berangjju - (n) a beverage which is partly composed of alcohol, sometimes essential in maintaining one’s

noselift, noseline, nosingbelles - (v) acquisition of knowledge

nyelpie - (n) a portable electronic device which behaves as a normal telephone whilst being able

ohmbre - (n) a person bearing an X and Y chromosome pair in the cell nuclei and normally

pagoda tragedy, pagoda cold wave lotion, ngataggedy anne - (adj) an expression of exhaustion when too much effort is put on a certain task or work

pilita corales - (adj) one who is obviously trying hard in order to prove or avchieve something

portugal - (adj) synonymous to 48 years; extending over a considerable time

purita gonzales, magiraffe - (adj) an entity that exorcise people who belong to the lower levels of the economic caste.

purita kalaw ledesma, purita kashiwara, pureta malaviga -(n) State of being poor, beyond poverty line,

rampage - (v) an art of presenting and marketting yourself in front of other people in a certain area or event

Rendezvous - (v) a special skill required to move from one place to another to avoid WARLA.

rica paralejo, richie de horsie - (adj) one who is extravagant, luxurious, obviously affluent who enjoys abundance of money.

russia - (v) to hurry up; to move forward or act with too great haste or eagerness

sandra bullok, sunshine dizon, sunshine cruz - (n) a very powerful force that one cannot suppress after gimmick hours

shala, ezza - (adj) someone who is luxurious or extravagant

singaling - (v) the act of producing musical sounds with the voice

subey, suba, bugarette - (n) a piece of material which is mostly composed of tobacco and nicotine,

tanawan, batangas - (v) an act of noticing something that is not supposed to be seen.

thundercats, thunder - (adj) one who is AGING.

tommy abuel, tom jones, tommy hilfiger, tomtoms - (adj) a feeling of extreme starvation

tumbling - (adj) an expression when one is surprised; astonished; flabbergasted; shocked

UK - (n) a place where clothes, bags, shoes, etc can be bought for an unbelievably

ukani, ades, anda, andalucia - (n) a medium of exchange of goods that posses economic value.

uzbekistan - (n) climax of sexual excitement

warla - (v) an act towards total annihilation

witchelles, witteles, wit, wai - negative, nothing, no, signifying disapproval
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