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KAKA (n.): Feces. (Rare-)

Kaposi's sarcoma: a type of cancer associated with AIDS[Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

kava kava: a drug prepared from the roots of the shrub Piper methysticum. Chewing the root releases active alkaloids similar to nutmeg and sweet flag. A small or moderate dose of one ounce of finely ground kava to ten ounces of water, blended with coconut oil, gives two to four people a mild but definite euphoria. Stimulation is felt at the beginning, and a pleasant sedation without loss of mental powers occurs afterward. The high lasts about two or three hours, often ending in sleep. With larger doses kava can be hallucinogenic and a powerful sedative. As an aphrodisiac or sexual enhancer, kava kava makes some people glow with psychic and genital euphoria. There are no hangovers or unpleasant side effects, but the drink is habit forming if used in excess. Kava kava is legal in the U.S. [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

kazoo: [mid 60s] synonym for ass

keep a date with bobby palm and his five brother: to masturbate.

keep someone: To maintain and support for sexual purposes.

keep tabs on: To keep informed about.

keister: The buttocks. see ass for synonyms: keester; keyster; kiester; kister.

keester-bandit: in anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is fucked.

kerb crawler: [Brit] noun. A person cruising the street and drives slowly to view street prostitutes, with sexual business in mind.

kept boy: young lover who is kept, and supported by an older homosexual. Syn: boytoy kept; boy keptive; sugar babe [mid 60s]; sugar loaf

keyster: the buttocks. See ass. Also, keester; keyster; kiester; kister. [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

khaki pussy:
1.[late 60s] gay serviceman who services other on base with his ass
2.the asshole of a gay serviceman

kibbles and bits: shit; particles of shit passed by a man whose sphincter muscle is so weakened by frequent anal intercourse that he can no longer retain feces without soiling himself [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

kicks: sexual thrills [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

KICKY (adj., adv.): A real bouncy affair; much fun.

kid: [late 1500s] A child. synonyms: kiddie;

kiddy: [late 1800s] Any young person.

kiddie: the rectal opening, anus; asshole of a gay serviceman

kiddie porn: child pornography. nude photographic material of boys or girls under the legal age. [In Canada and the United States, sexually explicit videos or pictures of and kind which depict youths under the age of 18, is illegal.] Synonyms: child porno; child pornography.

kiddie-porno: [mid 60s] child pornography

KIDNEY TROUBLE, TO HAVE (v.): The necessity, real or otherwise, to visit the men's room, frequently for homosexual purposes.

KID-SIMPLE (adj.): A man who seeks out exclusively young boys. (Rare.) (See CHICKEN QUEEN.)

kiester: the buttocks. See keyster[Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

Kiki [term used from the 40' through the 60s] a lesbian who is either butch or fem.

killed: 1.[term used from the mid 40' through the 90s] to perform fellatio, or anal intercourse, until the sexual partner goes to sleep or just is unable to keep going. [I made love to him last nite so good that I killed him.] 2. sexually unable to continue. [I fucked that ass so good that I killed it] 3. to finish something. [he killed my drink] 4.Adj. Worn out, tired. ["Any chance we can rest? I can't go any further, you totally killeded me.

killer queen: [kwn LV, mid '60s] A homosexual in the military , when in combat. this term, come out of a Vietnam War.

1 [kwn San Diego late 60s] in anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is fucked.
2. lesbian.

kip: [Brit] bed

1. Kissing Is Strictly Suppress [he lives by KISS, fuck me, suck me, eat me, beat me, but don't kiss me for I am straight.]
2. to fit tightly
3. [exclam] crash [John has it bad for Joe it's the big kiss.]
4. to partake in oral copulation with either sex.

Kiss in: July 7 1897 over a hundred lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals protested a British law against same-sex hand-holding and other public displays of affection by holding a "kiss-in" at London's Piccadilly Circus.

kiss shit:
1. to lick or suck the anus
2. usually as a prelude to fucking, to lubricate with saliva the anus.
3. to widen the opening of the anus with the tongue. see rim keester; buttock

kiss the star fish of love: anilingus,stimulate the asshole by kissing, licking and penetration of the anus with one's mouth or tongue or both.

KISS THE WORM (v.): The children's term to practice fellation in games involving the penis (worm), wherein a boy's penis is urinated on, or spit on, daubed with paint, etc.; or even the "kissing" of the penis which is the forfeit a boy must pay for losing in a game.

kisser: [middle 1800s] The face; the mouth

kister: the buttocks. See keyster

the kitty: [1990] HIV infection.

kleptophilia: this fetish is similar to kleptomania (drive to steal things), however kleptophilia is characterized by sexual arousal from stealing, not just thrill seeking [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

klismaphilia: for persons with this fetish, getting an enema is sexually arousing. The greater the liquid involved, the greater is the sexual pleasure [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

KNEEL AT THE ALTAR (v.): The practice of predication. (Slang.)

KNEESIES (n.): The touching of knees together beneath a table while maintaining an attitude of propriety on the outside.

Knight of the golden grummet: in anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is fucked.

KNIGHTS, TO BE ONE OF THE (v.). To have active syphilis.

knish-ka-bob mug: [British early 1700s] to perform fellatio [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

knobber: A male homosexual transvestite prostitute.

knob-end: noun. The head of a penis.

knob job: to perform fellatio. See fellatio for Synonyms.

knob polisher: trucker term for gay man, especially one who will suck cock

knock off a piece: to have sexual intercourse

knockers: female breasts. Synonyms: barbettes; bazooms; boob boobie; boobs; jubes; knockers; maracas; melons; memories; milk cans; milk wagons; piggies.

kosher dick: a circumcised penis

KRUPP, FRIEDRICH ALFRED: German industrialist. He committed suicide after a libel suit stemming from "orgies" he was reputed to have on Capri with young native boys.

1(the initials for kiss shit)
2. to lick or suck the anus
3. usually as a prelude to fucking, to lubricate with saliva the anus.
4. to widen the opening of the anus with the tongue. see rim

kwazakoo: the rectal opening, anus; asshole.

K-Y (n.): Sterile lubricant originally intended for use of physicians now the lubricant most widely known and used by homosexuals for anal intercourse


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