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LA (adj.): Synonym for SWISH (q.v.).

labonza: synonym for ass [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

lace curtains: the foreskin of the penis

lacy: Effeminate homosexual.

LADY-LOVER (n.): A lesbian.

LAKA (n.): Penis. (Rare.)

lals: legs. This is an example of the polari underground gay language used in the British Merchant Marine. [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

LAMB (n.): Term largely confined to prison slang to denote a youthful, newly arrived inmate who is considered a likely victim for a WOLF (q.v.).

Lambda: Lambda Legal is a national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, the transgendered, and people with HIV or AIDS through impact litigation, education, and public policy work.

later(s)!: [1990s] A departing exclamation, such as goodbye.

LAUNDRY (n.): The bulge at the crotch; usually used sarcastically.

lav: [Brit.] noun. A toilet.

1. This is the color most often associates with lesbian and gays. lavender is the mixture of paint with blue.
2. Some use this term referring to the homosexual life style. [being lavender is not a lifestyle, like the right wing would have you believe, but is part is part of our genetic heritage.
3. Color symbol for homosexuality and lesbianism.[ he is part of the lavender family]

lavender boy: [this term was obsolete by 1970] faggot

lavender lad: [this term was obsolete by 1970] faggot

lavender marriage A marriage of convenience, male and female marriage usually pair men who like men with ladies who like ladies, they marry for mutual benefit. [Charles Laughton the gay star had a Lavender marriage with actress Elsa Lanchester in 1929, Charles had his male lovers and Elsa had her men lovers too.]

LAWRENCE (OF ARABIA): T. E., English adventurer, soldier, and writer; from his own writing it seems fairly certain he was homosexually inclined.

lay: verb. A sex act.

lay of the land: unrestrained homosexual, uncontrollable desire by a man for sexual intercourse one that needs to have sex all the time. See whore for Synonyms.

LAY THE LEG (v.): Intercourse (probably pedication) with a boy or man. (Slang.)

LAY THE LIP (v.): To fellate. (Slang.)

lay pipe: To do the sex act.

lay tube: to do the sex act.

LD: (90s) [abbreviation ] Light Drink. This abbreviation is used in the classified ads.

leak: to urinate; to discharge urine from the body.

leak my lizard: to urinate; to discharge urine from the body.

1. A kind of masculine homosexual behavior or costume.
2. [1930s] To compare the texture of the tissue immediately surrounding the rectal opening of the anus, with leather.
3. leather as a masculine symbol.

leather stretcher: eighteeth-century expressions for penis.

lech: [early 1900s] Strong desire for sexual; lust.

lecher: one who seeks sex all the time without regard to love or caring. Syn: alley cat; amoroso; animal; ass hound; basher; bed-presser; belly bumper; bird's nester; bluebeard; bum-fiddler; casanova; chimney sweep; chippy chaser; cock hound; cocksman; cocksmith; don juan; eager beaver; feather-bed soldier; fleece hunter; flesh fly; flesh monger; flower fancier; fox hunter; fuckster; gamestock; gash hound; goat; grouser; gully raker; hair monger; headhunter; horseman; king of clubs; ladies' tailor; lech; libertine; lothario; lover; make-out artist; meat hound; moll hunter; mr. horner; muttoner; parish bull; pelter; pig; pinch-bottom; prigger; quail hunter; ranger; rider; rooster; rounder; rutter; sexpert; sexual athlete; sharpshooter; skin dog; smell-smock; son of venus; sportsman; stallion; stoat; stud; swinger; swordsman; tad; tit kisser; tomcat; town bull; town rake; tug-mutton; tummy tickler; whisker splitter; whore hopper; whore hound; woodman [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

lee : Verb. [Asia, mid 1970's. An Asian variation on the English slang verb "felch"]. To suck or lick one's semen, recently vommitted into another's anus. (Do you want to lee?)

left-handed: homosexual.

LEGWORK (n.): Coitus of a man with a boy, either intercrural (between the legs) or intergluteal (between the buttocks). (Slang.)

legal chicken: [late1990s] noun a young legal age male, eighteen to twenty-four, A young person, an attractive young male. Synonyms: chicken


lesbian: [from the Greek Isle of Lesbos, taken from the lesbian poet Sappho (620BC-565 BC)] one of the oldest, most common, and most preferred terms for female homosexuals.Having sexual desire for those of the same sex that are female. Synonyms: amy-john; beaver eater; boon dagger; bull; bull dagger; bull dyke; butch; carpet muncher; diesel dyke; dyke; fairy lady; fem; femme; fluff; fluzz dyke; gal boy; gay; jasper; lady-lover; les; lesbo; lesbyterian; lezzie; lezzo; lover under the lap; margie; mintle; ruffle; rug eater; sappho; sergeant; sister; split tail lover; tootsie; top sergeant; tribadist; wolf

Lesbian Sepatatism:
1. remaining separate socially from all non-lesbian
2. Seeking to live and work in a hall woman Environment excluding all men
3. Not willing to work with gay men

lesbianism: [ The term is taken from the name of the lesbian poet Sappho {620B.C. -565 B.C} designates love and sexual activity directed toward one,s own sex, that is female.

LESBO (n.): Lesbian, as described by the heterosexual. (Rare.)

lesbophobia: Irrational fear or hatred lesbians

let one's hair down:
1. to admit to being gay.
2. to expose another's to be gay.

letch: [early 1900s] Strong desire for sexual; lust.

LEZZY (n.): Lesbian. (Rare.)

libido: sexual appetite

1. to lick or suck the anus
2. usually as a prelude to fucking, to lubricate with saliva the anus.
3. to widen the opening of the anus with the tongue. see rim

life preserver: [80']condom

1.[1500s] Inclined to steal.
2. to be good at masturbating others.

Light in the loafers: -general term for gay men

lilly law: [Brit] a policeman.

LILY (n.): Heterosexual, derogatory reference to a male homosexual (rare). More generally used by the homosexual to mean a timid fellow homosexual who is inhibited or hesitant about any homosexual activity, or even his own homosexuality.

limp wrist: A male homosexual.

limp wristed: adj. Effeminate homosexual.

LINE UP (ON) (v.): The act of a group of men, usually three or more, who pedicate and/or irrumate a homosexual, one after the other or together or both; as distinguished from GANG-FUCK (q.v.), which usually involves only homosexuals. Here, the men are to be considered as heterosexuals who take one homosexual to satisfy any sexual desires.

LINGA (or LINGAM) (n.): The phallic symbol under which the Hindu god , Siva, is worshipped.

lips: the rectal opening, anus; asshole.

lipstick lesbian: noun. A lesbian who prefers to wear make-up and look conventionally feminine, as opposed to 'bull-dyke' That prefers to look masculine.

liquid hair dressing: Semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm. See come or semen of Synonyms.

literary hour: time spent in the bathroom reading. [It's literary hour for John, when he goes in there you may not see him for hours.]

literature gallery:
1. adult book store.
2. anyplace that sells pornography.

little black book: The private notebook in which one keep telephone numbers and details of sex partners.

little boy in the boat: the clitoris when stimulated erect like a penis.

little brother:
1. nineteeth-century expressions for penis.
2 a younger male homosexual lover.

Little Sodom: anyplace where homosexual are. [I am going to Little Sodom would you like to come.

LIVE ONE (n.): The homosexual "client" of a male prostitute.

LIVING DOLL (n.): Young, very attractive male.

lizard: penis.

lizzie: ['20 sl] male homosexual.

lizzy: lesbian

LLM: [kwn SF, SF sl, 70s] long-haired leather man load

load: a fluid mixture of secretions and sperm produced in the male reproductive system and emitted during ejaculation, a reflex action that occurs as a result of sexual stimulation or orgasm. See semen ["I got quite a load in this dick. Can you take it?"]

loaves: synonym for ass

lobcock: eighteeth-century expressions for penis.

1.a sailor hustler= a male prostitutes.
2. noun. A name for a person who is sunburnt. [ That Queen Eric was a real lobster the last time I seen her.]

lobster pot: a sailor hustler= a male prostitutes that only sells his ass.

locker room: synonym for amyl nitrite.

loins: [Bible] is a common expression for all of the genitala both male and female. It is found as many as seventy times in the King James Version, but the majority of case in which it is used it pertains to men.

loggerhead: a large thick dick above 7 inches long [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

lollipop: nineteeth-century expressions for penis.

long: [kwm NYC hustlers sl 70s] having more than seven inches of cock.

long pole: having more than seven inches of cock.

long pork: having more than seven inches of cock.

LONG-WINDED (adj.): Those slow to ejaculate while being fellated.

lost it:
1. verb. To be out of control
2. to loose once erection.

looker: [middle 1800s] a good-looking or handsome person of either sex.

loops: [60's] a pornographic film strip in a coin-operated viewing machine.

loose: Sexually promiscuous.

lop cock: a circumcised penis. This term not currently in use. It seems to have been used in the 30s and 40s [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

lounge lizard:
1. noun. one that regularly reflects fashionable bars, or is always in a cocktail lounge.
2. a lazy or undesirable person.
3. Someone that is always in the bars, trying to pick up on someone else's lover.

love: noun. A term of endearment.

lovebirds: Lovers.

love buns: ass see ass for synonyms

love handle:
1. Fat at the side of the abdomen.
2. The penis.

love juice: Semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm. See come or semen of Synonyms.

love-muscle: The penis.

LOVER (n.): The heterosexual male who supports financially and indulges in sexual relations with one or more homosexuals. It is absolutely necessary that the "lover" be altogether heterosexual, and "play" his part convincingly.

1. A handsome man.
2. A young lover.

low neck and short sleeve:
1. a Jewish male.
2. circumcised penis Synonyms chopped cock; cleaned; clipped dick; cut out to be a gentleman; kosher; kosher-dill; koshermeat; kosher-style; low neck; nipped; skinned; skinned-back; short sleeves twenty-twenty.

LRG (Low-Rent-Gay) n: a guy who spends all his money on designer clothes and fancy cars, but who lives in a dumpster behind the local McDonald's.

LTR: (90s) [abbreviation ] Long-Term Relationship. This abbreviation is used in classified ads

luimas: a sailor

lumber: having more than seven inches of cock

lucky Pierre: the middle male in a threesome. Implies middle guy is fucking on person while getting fucked by another. [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

LUDWIG 11: King of Bavaria. In a letter he would address Richard Wagner as "My innermost beloved."