Thursday, October 14, 2010



I bet I can flip you and duck you before you can throw me and blow me: prison put down.

IBM: [kwn LV, mid 60s =Itty bitty meat] a little penis [under six inches] usually symbolized by holding up the little finger.

ice-cream cone: having more than seven inches of cock.

Ice-cream sundaes: [kwn SF, latw 60s] A Gay French sailors.

ICING EXPERT (n., obs.): A fellator; termed so by the relation of cake icing to semen. (Having its origin in the CCC camps of the 1930's.)

in: homosexual who who denies that he is gay, one that is in the closets.

in-and-out: [17th-century British] To do a sex act; heterosexual copulation between a man and a woman. Synonyms: regular trick; straight lay; western lay.

in circulation:
1. one that is open for sexual consideration.
2. one that has no lover, and could be looking for a lover or relationship.

INCEST (n.): Sexual relations between two homosexuals of the same tastes and desires. (See KI-KI.)

infantilism: sexually arousing behavior characterized by dressing as an infant and acting the role of a child under two years old. This can include removing some or all body hair and the hiring of a nurse or nanny to see after the individual. Syn: autonepiophilia. For a list of sexual fetishes see fetish [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

INFINITY (n.): A secret organization of the World's great living homosexuals. The sign of recognition is the symbol for infinity. When worn in gold cuff links with emeralds in each loop, it signifies "a member"; with rubies in each loop, "a friend." The symbol, casually drawn in the sand or into the frost on a glass or into a tablecloth, then erased, is the sign asking for identity. Returned, it is recognition. The origin of such action is said to go back almost 2,000 years to the early Christians, who were forced to meet in secret, too. Perhaps the colors of RED and GREEN (q.v.), the colors of Christmas and the homosexual and the colors of the emerald and ruby, can be interpreted to signify the suffering of the homosexual.

inhaler: a container for amyl nitrite, used by the bedside. inner-sanctum: the rectal opening; anus.

inner-sanctum: asshole; the rectal opening; anus

inspector of manholes: in anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is fucked.

ISO: (1993) [abbreviation ] In search of. This abbreviation is used in the classified ads.

intergenerational relationships:
1. a relationship where one person prefers a love partner much older than himself or herself, and the other person prefers a love partner much younger. for more infor: Male Intergenerational Intimacy (1991) edited by Theo Sandfort, Ph.D.; Edward Brogersma, JD; and Alex van Naerssen, Ph.D.
2. technical term for a sexual preference for old people, a person prefers a love partner much older than himself. Synonyms: adultophile; antique dealer; boyfag: cherry top; fatherfucker Gerontophilia; intergenerational; manlover; playboys.
Note that intergenerational relationships is not peadophile. Peadophile is the technical term for a sexual preference, one with a sexual attraction, and need for young partner, under the age of consent. Also Note Sexual relationships with young partner under the age of consent, the mainstream gay and lesbian, view this group as child molesters, and distance themself from this group.

Intersexualism: antique medical terms for homosexuality.

Intrafemoris: technical term for fucking someone's thighs. in the life: the homosexual subculture or prostitution.

in the buff naked. Syn: in the raw

in the life: living in and practicing the homosexual subculture or prostitution

in the raw: Naked.

in the saddle: doing the sex act; anal intercourse.

invert: [scientific or pseudo-scientific 1800s up to the 1940s] homosexuality. it differs from pervert in that it implies a reversal from the normal, while pervert implies a misdirection of the normal.

iron-Closet: homosexual who denies that he is gay and will not admitt even to himself

IRRUMATION (n.): Introducing the penis into the mouth of another person. Such action is usually accompanied by coital movements reaching an orgasm with ejaculation on the part of the IRRUMATOR, who is said to IRRUMATE. The distinctions between FELLATION (q.v.) and IRRUMATION (here) are perhaps more psychological than physiological, although such distinction could perhaps be made in this instance by the more aggressive person's actions.
Note:In FELLATION, the FELLATOR is usually above the subject's penis, while here the penis is usually above.

ISPATIO (n.)- Self-masturbation; onanism.

1. [1400s] the sex act fuck.
2. [early 1900s] Sex appeal.
3. penis.
4. Depersonalizing someone. [do you remember John? It's trying to come back..]

itty bitty meat: a little penis [under six inches] usually symbolized by holding up the little finger.